By Mohammed Siadath Ali

You must be aware of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that being held in Las Vegas during the New year 2018. The show hosted a lot of new and futuristic designs and the crowd went crazy over them. A lot of developers came up with some of the best and the coolest Artificial Intelligence Techs ever.

Artificial intelligence has been growing pretty fast along with the evolving technology. There is no doubt that Artificial intelligence techs will be leaving every electronic way behind in the coming future. There has been a lot of new gadgets being showcased at the show. If you have missed the glimpse of the gadgets, stay tuned as we provide you the best Artificial Intelligence gadgets being showcased at CES 2018.

AR4X Security camera

Security cameras are very handy products and helps to keep an eye on everything you want to.

You can be aware of any intrusion or problems taking place with the help of these cameras. One such gadget being showcased is the AR4X security camera. The main features of this security camera is that it can identify pets, cars or people from quite a distance. The camera just needs a sample of your face to differentiate you from others.

Vobot Halo Light

Ever heard of technically advanced bedside lamp? Well we were busy in checking this out at the show. It was absolutely beautiful hosting numerous features. This is Vobot Halo Light. Wake up in the morning and it will greet you a pleasant morning. It glows brighter as the day progresses just like sunlight. You can also have a news report and also have a look at the weather forecast before heading out. The lamp is designed just for you.

Cocoon Cam clarity

One of the gadgets that was grabbing everyone’s attention was the Cocoon Cam clarity. This small camera monitor is specially designed for an infant. If you are having a baby at home or planning to have one, this gadget is a must for you. It will definitely make your life easier. The main feature of this camera is that it can send you real-time datas, humidity, sleep analytics and temperature. Moreover it keeps an eye whether the child is breathing and sends an alert in case the infant is crying.

Hyundai Intelligent Personal Agent

Well if you are a car lover, you must get this one for you soon. Hyundai Intelligent Personal Agent is such a specially designed voice-enabled Bot which will help you out during your drive. Using a phone while driving is illegal or may put you on risk, hence this gadget will definitely come handy during that time. This gadget allows you to talk to your car to either make calls or receive them, get directions, manipulate the AC or even the sun roof.

Speak Music Muse

Another product showcased for the car lovers during this show was the Speak Music Muse. This is one hell of a gadget which is very advanced and have futuristic features too. This gadget is also a voice enabled car controller and the developers are using Amazon Alexa for this.

You can use this gadget to control everything by your voice which includes setting up a task  for you when you get back home. Moreover you can even control other things like turning off the lights of your home, making and receiving calls and even playing your favorite song during driving.

We have witnessed one of the best Tech show ever at the CES 2018. Some of the coolest and best gadgets made their way during this show and we all went crazy after them. We have enlisted some of the best Artificial intelligence techs ever been introduced and we hope you will go through them to pick the best one for you. We look forward to help you in future.

Image Credits: Sanvada

Content Credits: Sanvada

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