In today’s marketing system, marketers have developed a keen interest on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on content marketing as they try to understand more ways of implementing technology’s capabilities. However, AI social media tools are one of the applications that have generated lots of investment and excitement in recent years. Since artificial intelligence is the ability of computer systems to perform those tasks that normally require human intelligence, it has been estimated that in the future, there will be a myriad of options for social media marketers to choose from to boost their marketing strategy.



When we say AI is transforming social media, we do not mean that robots will begin to generate and post content on social media. Instead, it implies that AI will be effectively used in creating powerful business content using specific data and templates.

With the help of AI technology, WordPress curation tools can be trained to give better suggestions based on previous responses.

AI in social media analytics

Marketers can use social media analytics tools to leverage AI and enhance data gathering and processing from different social media websites. Hence, they can understand customer’s preferences and know the content that performs best or worse. As a result, this has been one of the greatest impact of artificial intelligence on social media.

AI empowering marketers

AI is helping marketers and business owners to understand their target audience better by gaining more insight into their habits, buying decision and their motivational factors. Before now, marketers had learned (after many failed attempts) to understand human behavior and resolve to personalize their content based on location, factors that determine their buying decision and customer preference. How does AI affect social media marketing? It’s simple! AI can learn these habits and gain an understanding of human behavior at a faster rate than humans.


Artificial intelligence can make a lot of difference when implemented in social media marketing accurately. Within the realm of social media marketing, current AI tools are used to deliver value regarding content creation, marketing strategy, and analytics. Below are just a few ways businesses can grab the future by adopting AI in their marketing effort.


To succeed in social media marketing, businesses need to have an accurate understanding of their audience, the best way to reach out to them and the kind of content that will inspire them to make a purchase decision. However, by adopting AI tools at this stage, they can gain better insight and use the info generated to increase conversions and boost sales.

Social listening

Social listening is different from social monitoring because it tracks conversions about specific phrases and brands. It then leverages on the data generated to create unique content or discover opportunities to increase audience engagement.

Conclusively, businesses can leverage on AI in social media market due to its capabilities of interacting with an audience in real time. However, these are just a few ways AI is preparing businesses for the future.

BY: Sunny Dodeja

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